Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What is that Ant doing lately?

Just came back from Raffles City. Had Soup Spoon for dinner. Hee...

I am here to blog about my life lately. Being busy working of course. =) Appreciate my time more now, cause i usually come home around 10.30pm then bathe and prepare to sleep before 12 and waking up at 7am. And 7 hours of sleep is not enough for this lazy pig here thou' i am a Tiger by nature.

But i am getting to the lifestyle now, at least my 24hrs is used up doing something for myself, my future and others around me. =)

Waiting for result to be out in September and see whether i make it or not. Hopefully i make it and i think i can ba. *shrugs

Going to sleep soon le. If i got the time to blog on Saturday i will k?

Take care my blog.

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