Sunday, July 19, 2009

My birthday gifts Ver 2009

Just manage to take the photos of my birthday gifts this year. =) I started off with a surprise birthday party with inc.herdies at Manhattan Fish Market (MFM) @Iluma. It all started with Ben who wanted to meet me for dinner on 4th July and i agreed to it. Prior to that i went to the floating platform to settle my mum, aunt and cousin down for the combined rehearsal for NDP'09. Went down to meet Ben at City Hall control station before we head down to MFM @Iluma.

So i seriously think that dinner was just two of us, and i need to go to the toilet and asked him to go and queue for seats since the Q should be long enough to kill my patience. But he didn't want to and i didn't even suspect anything. After toilet, i joined in the queue. This is when the crew came to ask for "No of pax" and Ben told her, actually we are on the list. I was like wow, he made a reservation. Not bad. But then when i walked into MFM, i saw a group of familiar faces smiling at me. I was like, "WT" Then i realized that they plan a surprise early celebration for me, so that i will not suspect anything closer to my actual birthday. Well done! That night we have Ben, Wailarp, Gucci, Menda, Manda, Nana, Welly, AWW and me of course. They are busy preparing cards for me at MFM. Tsktsktsk* Those waiting at the Q must be thinking, "Wassup with these kids doing Art&Craft in MFM??"

Thoughts: Really thankful for the surprise birthday dinner they did for me. With a special cake that i never get in my life. =) Really glad to know them all.

This is the overall pic of all my gifts this year, thou' not alot but they come with loves.

This cap is by Nana, didn't expect her to get me a gift. Cuz' usually we don't. =)

This cap is from my colleagues namely Kerin, Jessica and Fiora, really didn't expect them to get me anything. But they did and bought me a cake on 13th July during lunch and helped me celebrate a belated birthday. Follow by a Black Forest Cake from Secret Recipe by boss. =)

This is MUJI items from Welly. She is really a rare guest for the surprise dinner celebration. Glad that she is with us that day, quite a long time i didn't get to see her with the rest le.

This is by Menda. She gave me a handphone case and screen protector which i really need it badly. How thoughtful is she that she realize that i needed one and hinted me when we were out one day. =) Thank you le.

Ta-da, saw this beautiful camera i had here? Canon IXUS100 IS wor. This is my first digital camera of my life and i am loving it due to many factors. First being my favourite colour and second this is also the first time i am getting such an expenive pressie from someone. Really thank you so much for this. =D

This box contains many many wishes for me. These are the cards that they did on that day at MFM and i am loving them. Specially made and cannot be seen outside. One and only one. How thoughtful and sweet of them. =D Thanks for organizing such a lovely surprise.

And of course not forgetting my celebration with my campmates on 10th July at Zirca after work. Went down to Clarke Quay to meet some of my campmates for dinner before the rest joined us at Zirca. Our first clubbing experience together with campmates. Guests are Weiloong, Pengjun with Yixuan, Weemeng, Jianliang, Siming, Ian with his gf, Eugene my JC buddy. I were pretty high that night running around Zirca, Rebel and Lunar. Lots of alcohol within that short span of 2-3hours. Went home and KO on the floor in my room. Thou' i was high on alcohol, i did remember what i did and of course i puked then. =D No more next time, i should be enjoying rather than puking in the toilet.

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