Sunday, July 5, 2009

Special Weekend

Had a wonderful Saturday Evening with a special group of friends thou' i am real tired from the continuous long working hour till 11pm. Going to Party World on Friday Night with my lovely colleagues and waking up again at 6.30am for IPPT at Bedok Camp. Now my whole body is aching.

Was caught in surprise by the little thoughts, big actions of those individuals who attended the Surprise Birthday Dinner with me. I didn't think too much about it, and i thought it will be like next week or something. Too tired to think of anything.

See the cake for my pic on it. Nice? And the disney characters on it.

The cake was nice. With someone designing it and get it done on the cake. The little cards that you guys made. =) Loving it. Really appreciate all your efforts, for making it happen, for making time for me. Friends forever. Hugs all. =)

Less than a week and i will be 23 le. I am wondering... when did i grow so old that i didnt know about it? I still thought i am still the 18 little ant who looks like 20plus. At least now i look more like my age of cuz thanks to my hair now. Going to get a haircut later in the afternoon, and i bet i will look younger then. Hee... Shall wait and see then.

I will post those photos when i get hold of them. Till then see ya.

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