Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bounce (Iluma @ Bugis)

Where did the aNt bites this time? It's at Bounce (Iluma @ Bugis)

I thought the food was nice so wants to recommend this restaurant to all my readers here. =) Went to Bounce with my Mum, Aunt and cousins last Saturday for dinner. Cuz' i want to try out the food there and since i have not been spending time with my mum for nice dinner, so i brought them there for dinner since we are at Bugis.

It is located at Iluma Level 7.
Operating hours will be from 11am to 11pm.

And please, i don't get any advertising fees for doing this.

We ordered Spring Chicken, some apple pizza, seafood pasta and all time favorite pasta. Wanted to try the Bounce Duckling but it was sold out. *i guess it is either quite a popular dish or they couldn't find duckling that day. We were all served with complimentary focaccia bread with butter before meal which was nicely done.

Service was good as there wasn't much customers around on a Saturday evening.

The food is to my liking and my mum thinks it was nice as well. =D

Here are some photos of the food we had

The total cost of the meal was SGD73. What you see on the menu is already inclusive of GST and service charges. Initially i thought i will need to pay 100odds for the meal, but lucky it didn't turn out to be too expensive. =D

Ambience/Setting 7.5
Food & Beverage 8
Value 8
Service 8

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