Thursday, February 25, 2010

People's Park Hawker Centre

Sitting in People's Park Hawker Centre eating my favourite Pig's Organ Soup w/rice.

I will want to post a question to you: Will you think of someone when you are eating something or being in some place?

Eating this reminds me of my late grandpa. He likes to eat this as well. Whenever we are here, he will eat this. Sitting here looking at old people reminds me of my late grandparents. The dialect they used to speak in.

There is also another that reminds me of. My Estee Lauder colleagues who we used to come here most of our lunchtime to settle our meal. You know who you are if you are reading this.

Leaving on the plane tomorrow for Bangkok will set me thinking about my late grandma. My only overseas trip with her. We used to tell each others that when I got the ability to travel. I will want to follow her back to China to see how her hometown looks like. Being in Singapore for some many years, she had only went back once during her 60s. Now I guess she can return there as and when she wants? ")

Miss you both, ah ma and ah gong.

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