Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Where is my MOTIVATION?

Thou i have a lot to write about... but i don't seem to have the motivation to do that. Let's do a little update of my life for those who don't know. I am heading to my lower jaw operation next Tuesday, 24th-Aug-2010 and will be on MC for i think 4-6weeks.

That means i am not going to return to work but i will be still going to school when it reopens in mid Sep.

Went to watch "Love in Disguise" went the usual movie kakis at CineCathay. It was a funny movie but to compare to world class standard, the movie falls short but still applause to LeeHom for the movie. Thoughts had been put into the movie and it did bring out well. Had a great laugh. =)

For this week, nothing really exciting... till the next post. Charged with inspiration and motivation. Stay tune.

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