Saturday, July 23, 2011

Classical Music


Seems so class. Indeed it was even though it was free la.

The feel was there.

East meets west.

The feeling is for Beethoven is really sitting in a big concert hall, no one else but you alone closing your eyes and enjoying the moments. I pictured Waldstein, Beethoven Sonato No.21 to be two men chasing each others with the scene changing along with the tempo.

I totally feel why great man in Ancient China history loves Guzheng so much. Usually i listen to them being part of a CO concert but never on their own, minus those on the tv drama. It brings you to the deep into the forest with a waterfall scene and falling leaves. I was really enjoying every moments in the hall.

With such close comparsion, it sets me to think i prefer the East better than the West.

Nevertheless, the concert hall in SOTA is too good. Good job and Bravo. And pretty much i didn't appreciate the last two as much as the first two. =)

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