Friday, February 6, 2009

Dental Day

Hohoho~ Today went to my dental visit again.  

Bad news: I am so going to extract my lower 2 teeth for my braces. The front gum line is too thin to support my front row of teeth. So it will be safer for them to extract 2 teeth to push it in. So that the teeth housing can have enough gum to support the teeth. If not go operation will be dangerous.

Good news: I might be able to do one jaw operation if the adjustment gap is to what they plan to. Will just listen to them? Or should i seek another view before i extract the other 2 teeth? We will see how.

I will post some photos of my teeth before they are going to be extracted. *Sad*

I am pretty sian upon hearing all these in the morning. My dentist, Dr Neo was quite upset because i will not be able to go for operation in June/July. I think she needs to use my case to do her thesis or something like that. Upon hearing her instructor that i will need to extract, it means i will need to wait till my lower gap close before they can decide how much to operate on. Funny thing was i had to tell her, don't be sad, the one should be sad is me, cause i am going to extract two more teeth. Oh man! Trust me i said that. =)

Need to study for exam.


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