Friday, February 6, 2009

Future MRT lines

Hohoho~ found this when i was viewing my friend's blogspot. Amazing ah~ more lines coming up and soon... every steps you take will be a tunnel under you. And soon when there is an earthquake nearby will make Singapore collapse into debris and dust. And soon, there will be no bus at all. Take MRT to your next destination. Welcome to the new era of transport, by train only.

Today went to study again. Hohoho~ not bad if i keep up the pace like this i think i should be able to do fairly well for my Exam in May but not forgetting the Prelims in end Feb/early Mar. I got to work harder and faster than this.

Recently, something happened between one of my friend. Don't know what got into her. But i guess we just got to work things out. Work it out! Will update more on that later if i got the time. 

Got to go and pom pom and rest for tommorrow.

And you know why the reason for all these planning... my friend says that it must be a Malaysian who have the time to do all these cause there is actually a MRT line to JB. Sometimes you wonder why the in between stations are quite far, actually they are planning for new station in between to serve you better. 

P/S: Don't be shock. This is not real stuffs.

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