Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Easy to say than action

Hey bloggie, 

I am back for new entry. After the last one, i think i need to talk to you. It is always easy to say than to do it yourself hor? Dont you think so? 

"Hey, dont be so emo la, be happy k?" But when you are in the emo state, you just dont care. Sorry i aint emo at the moment. I am just not happy about what is going on in my life at the moment. =) 

It is not easy to say. But everything will be there when it comes? For time to tell the truth. 

Like someone says, it is all in your mind. I dont really agree on that. Maybe i will never get the meaning of, it is all in your mind. Stop thinking and you shall not. Not possible ba. If you really think that everything is in your mind, you should be moodless as well. 

I will be a better aNt tomorrow. 

If not, i will be slightly better then. =\

=) Smiles and live life even if you know you cannot change it.

It is all written.

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