Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I was trying to change the layout of my blog to my previous blog skin cause i think this blog skin is kind of simple and dead. As far as i know, there is only a handful of people who know about this blog. I think after i do up with the blog, i will let more people know about this blog. Nothing explicit from me here, those normal nonsense from me.

I hurt to be seen as someone who is emo, i will portray as someone who doesnt care much and be happy. =) But sometimes, you ought to feel that tiny little lonely somehow. Dont you feel so?

Over this short 1 week, many change? For a reason? =/

Hopefully not.

The curse of April? *take a deep breathe and calm myself down.

I got better things to do. Study hard. Throw other things away for the time being.

Take care my readers and blog. Will be back soon.

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