Saturday, April 4, 2009

May I?

May i know what the purpose of blogging when there is no reader?

The feeling is coming back to haunt me again... I remember during my JC life, i had these feelings or rather thoughts. When i am crossing the road, there is a urge for me to dash out of the street when the car is approaching. When i am on the platform, i feel like jumping onto the rail when the train is approaching. When i am at home, feel like falling off the windows. That feeling is just a matter of do i really have to do it. That close to it. And i think if my mind is not controlling, i will have already done so. My leg will just want to move closer to it.

Sometimes i am just tired of life. And knowing that it all comes to an end. And nothing much about the end. Everything comes to nothing. Nothing at all.

So i wonder, why do we work so hard for? Why do we care so much for?

I guess... when it is time, it is time.