Sunday, September 20, 2009

Back from the old resort...

I am back to blog about my life again. Recently there is a lot of things happened around me, work, friends and family. Wanted to blog but then is always down with a stupid bug that don't allow people post photos are do up the blog entry. It is up again, that is why i am here writing this.

Just back from Batamview Resort at Batam (like duh) a nice short 2days1night get away at the beach resort. When we reached there, it was pouring heavily, so we decided to hang indoor. And most of the time, i am just lying on the bed watching tv programs. So nua-ing or just sleeping away. I think i sleep then eat then sleep then eat... went for a massage of course. But i think it can be better bah... next time will want to go to the town and have the 3 hrs spa at a low price. =D

Breaking away from the noisy city in Singapore, coming to a beach resort really put your mind away from anything that is bothering you. And of course with great accompany helps a lot too.

My next trip? I think will be KL to find some friends or Bangkok to do my t-shirts shopping. I bet you will see me back with a lot of t-shirts. =D

I will do more blogging if the blogger don't die on me. Till then'

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