Monday, January 4, 2010

First post of 2010

Alvin and the Chipmunks 2; caught the show with inc.peeps at Marina GV yesterday. =) Nice funny show. It is light to watch without any expectation but just for a good laugh. Thou' i am not those who will like big screen animation show but there is no harm watching one or two, once in a while ya?

So if you have not watch it and got no show in mind, you can catch this show on theatre now. Just wish they can preform more songs on stage as i am a musical kind of person. So i will like singing and dancing throughout the show and totally wouldnt mind at all.

After the movie, we suppose to have a birthday surprise at MFM@MS for Nana but then MFM is going to be Halal certified so we are not allowed to bring outside food in. There goes our birthday surprise for her but hope that she likes the simple dinner with the few of us. Which i think it is better for a small group whom we click than to have a big group that don't see eyes to eyes. Well that's life. You can't avoid things like that sometimes. =)

Exam is coming soon and i think i will start to study liao~ No time to waste. 4 months is what i need. And till then i will be free once again for a good half year before the last cycle comes till graduation. =)

I will be back for more... tata for now~

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