Tuesday, December 29, 2009


The power of the three... i think many people are slowly moving towards blogging thru status update. They will have instant response from those who are online and they even forget that they have a MSN screen on. They chat in comments? twitter? with the @someone @thatone @anyone @thisone and @everyone! I think i am guilty myself for logging into facebook before anything else. This is a virus on everyone now? When there is internet service, the first you want to do is to check facebook or even twitter.

We moved from the era of mIRC and ICQ with the cute little flower with the familiar alert tone to MSN, Friendster to now Facebook, Twitter... It's the Evolution now! Maybe next time we will have Legbook? Roarer?

Then next we have the Blackberry and iPhone craze coming up... No matter whether is the RED, GREEN or ORANGE... everyone is buying BB or iPhone and then i called it the i(public)Phone... Maybe next time we have uPhone then wePhone, usPhone, ePhone.... everything ridiculous that you might think it is... it will happen in the future and that is a Fact no one can stop...

Welcome to the world...we will soon be able to move the phone to closer to you by using our brain cells just by thinking...control with your mind. Powerful tools in Avatar but we go by wireless. Hohoho~~~

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