Sunday, June 13, 2010

My little KL trip

It is time for me to visit my lovely friends in KL after 6 months. So i since i am free on 5/6th June, I booked my coach ticket to KL. SGD55 return on firstcoach. It departs from Novena to Bandar Utama (One World Hotel). So well i woke up early at 6.30am to reach Novena at 7.45am to collect my ticket and make my way up the bus on my journey to KL. Despite of sleeping late the previous night due to the BBQ with campmates, i was not really feeling tired. =) Thou' the excitement didn't appear to be but i was really happy. Traveling alone is something i like to do. =)

The coach was scheduled to reach Bandar Utama at 1pm but it only reached there at 2.30pm due to the serious jam at Tuas Causeway early in the morning. So my dear friends have to go and packed the Korean lunch back to her house. Thou' the food was a little cold but it was still nice. Next time we shall dine in the place together. =)

After lunch, me and Ms Am went to Pavilion where SCB building is beside. Ms Ong needs to attend a wedding dinner which she had to leave early and missed the super grand dinner which i was a little guilty about it cuz i was around and she can't enjoy the dinner properly.

So we walked around Pavilion for a while and settled at Madam Kwan for dinner while waiting for Ms Hew Hew... She got some site visit for her new job. Poor her got to work on a saturday. They introduced me the Nasi Lemak and the other one but in the end i tried the Mushroom Chicken Mee which was nice. Even it was a little cold, but it didn't turn cloggy. Nice. Thumbs up~! If i go next time with friends, i will bring them there. =)

After dinner, we went to pick Ms Ong up at KLCC to go to the Little Genting in KL and enjoy the night together. It is a really nice place that you wouldn't see even if you are in Genting. For those who love photography, it is a nice place to take some photos and improve your skills on night scenery. =)

After the long night at Little Genting, we headed back at 1plus. I turned in at 2.30am when the girls were busy chatting in Ms Ong's room. I was sleeping in Ms Ong's brother room soundly by that. Wake up at 7am, washed up and went to FIRM for some hiking. Our lovely guide for that morning was Ms Ong's bf, Ivan. *He also didn't have enough sleep from the previous night and had to drive us around early in the morning. So we went ahead to FIRM.... Butt.... we didn't managed to conquer FIRM cause there was a biking event. So in the end, we head straight for breakfast.

After breakfast, we went back to Ms Ong's place washed up and then head to 1Utama for KTV session and Afternoon English tea which was nice. I didn't managed to sing cuz i really can't sing that day. Haha... every pitch was broken de.... =(

This is our nice hi tea. I like the mango cheesecake and the warm scones alot. delicious and i will be back if i am in KL again. =)

After Hi-tea, went back to Ms Ong's place, picked up my bag and head to One World Hotel to catch my bus back to Singapore. 8pm to 12midnight. No delay this time. I was at Novena at 12midnight on the dot. Home sweet home. =) Love the short KL trip and spending time together with the girls. Next time when we meet will be Singapore le cause i don't think this year i will have the ability and time to visit them again and i am really paiseh to trouble Ms Ong again. =)

Maybe the next time i visit them will be for water rafting? Hee... water sports my type.

Till the next trip... BKK in July.

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