Monday, September 27, 2010

35: 3rd Review since Surgery

Today i went for my review again hoping that the doctor will remove the wire and let me eat proper. But they are going to keep my jaw shut for another week, so i am going for another week of liquid diet. But things got a bit better, they remove the splint in between my teeth. I can talk a bit more better than before. There will be more spaces for my drink to get between my teeth.

But thinking of going to school without food is getting a bit paranoid for me. At least when i am home, i can make my own food to eat. If i am in school, i can't bring the blender and blend my food. Still got to depends on liquid for this week.

Sadly sadly, when i open my mouth today, my right side is still pain. I wonder will things get better or it will be like this for a while. Got to keep in review then. I will be back blogging about my life. So keep in touch with this blog. =)

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