Sunday, October 3, 2010

02: Death

Hearing upon the death of some people really reminds me of something. To cherish life and live everyday happily. Prior to the news of our MM Lee's wife, i heard from my mum that my brother's classmate's mum passed away last night. Sadly but truly, last week, she was sent to the hospital for some brain surgery maybe due to blood clot in the brain. And the next news was she is no longer with us.

My mum was still saying that she was talking to her the other day at the market without any signs of such problem. Then later on, she fainted in class. Went to the hospital. And things start to go wrong...

And i learnt something from my mum last week while buying phone for my brother. Money can be earn back in the future, no need to care too much about it. If you like it, just get it as long as i can afford to pay for it. It makes me see money as less important in my life from the moment. But i still hold on to the belief that we should have some money set aside for raining days.

Well you never know when you are leaving. So i guess, you have to really live your life to the fullest everyday. Be happy and not think too much. And if you regret your decision in the past, you just have to make your present better into the future.

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