Tuesday, October 19, 2010

9 Weeks since surgery

9 weeks before, i was just out from the operation theatre. With tubes all around my face, blood oozing out from the tube. In HD ward with the care of nurses and suction that keeps me breathing.

Today i am happy with the result. Still having a bit difficulties to get food down cause i can't really open my mouth as wide as before. Slow and steady will be the next move before i gain back the full mobility of my mouth.

Had a haircut last week. Went back to school. The first few weeks of school was horrendous cuz i can't eat with a wired jaw. Got to starve in school and depends on liquid drink like Milo and stuffs. But now i am fine. The hard time had finally been over. Now i am working to the new look of Ant. =)

And i will be returning to work next week. Bless me that it will be fine then.

School work is rather taxing this year. Lots of things to catch up and make sure that i will make it for the exam cuz' there is no chance for me to retake any modules unless i am retaining for another year. No way... so i will put extra effort this year to make sure everything falls in place.

Thinking about CPA next year as well. See how much can i accomplish before i hit the workforce. Wish me luck then. Cheers*

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