Saturday, February 19, 2011

Singapore Budget 2011

After hearing so much about the budget 2011, there are many voices coming from the opposite camp. Still barking on the issues like high pay of ministers, not enough subsidy for lower income group, having FT/FW into Singapore...

I think these are generally complaints which Singaporeans are good at, we should seriously think of what can we do to make it better for us.

1. High pay ministers? Come to think of it, if they are not highly paid in the government, will they want to be a politician? With their capability, they can easily earn that amount or more in the private sector. And if those who complains, can do the job of the minister, they wouldn't be complaining getting that fat salary. I guess it part of human nature to get touchy when they can't do it themselves.

And if they are paid just mere normal income, there will be moral ethnics issue which we have to dealt with. Do you want a corrupted cabinet? I doubt so. (It means they will not be tempted to accept any kind of bribery cuz' they are well paid)

2. Not enough subsidies? Having it is better off than not having any with the rise in prices. Curbing with the hot property market doesn't mean total cool down of it. But it indeed helps. Want the government to give u a house FOC? Then we will be lazy bum who just wait for food to come. Citizen might not strive to work better and to improve themselves.

3. FT/FW. Why? We are not willing to take up all kind of jobs. We don't want to be in the hot sun/heavy downpour with pathetic pay. We have to accept and to tolerate social problems. If there is room for growth, why are we not taking it?

FT. Low birth rate. How many talents can Singaporean produces to replace those in positions? Hardly... not many... "Those rejects from China University are getting 1st class honors in local uni." That's how big the population, others are having and able to choose cream of the crop that easily. We just hope that FT gives Singaporean motivations to work harder to compete off. If not we will be taken down anytime.

Who do we live for? Singapore? No... it's yourself. If all we do is complain and not do anything about it. We are done for it. Complains all you wants, as long as you continue to strive hard cuz now you know, you are not going anywhere without putting in efforts.

And something is better than nothing.

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