Sunday, March 6, 2011

What's new? What's up?

It has been a while since i update my blog. Seriously the thought of doing so is perfectly fine but when i start typing now, there is really nothing much to spur me on. How? Nevertheless, i shall squeeze abit of my brain juice to write something for those who are still visiting this quiet blog of mine.

Let me do a update of 2011 till now... (flipping through my diary)

Attending lectures in school is like one of my usual st
uffs to do.

Went to Harris Resort Batam in Jan 2011 for a relax getaway. Didn't do much there. Just as usual slacking around the resort, went for massage, had a good dinner at H Grill. Going to the shopping mall for some A&W. That's it.

Then came Chinese New Year, lots of dinner gathering with old friends, house visiting remains as it is through the year. Grandma's health is not really good these few months. Up to now, 2 hospital admission. Hope everything goes well for her.

One of my secondary schoolmate got married....

Next up, lots of birthday celebration coming along. Exam coming as well... time to seriously work hard. Two more months to go before i graduate and i am thankful that i make it so far. Time to make it out to the society and earn big bucks. =)

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