Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Studying @ Airport T3

The aNt is back for more posting. Today went to Changi Aiport T3 Mcdonald to study with Menda~ Did POA and will continue tomorrow. Hopefully everything will be fine when i take my exam this end of the month. So fast exam is coming le. 

Did I tell you that i finally got my deferment done for my ICT next week. So lucky me and some of my friends are still trying to defer from the TPT SUP COURSE 2 for NSmen. I am lucky to escape this time round. I am going to defer my next ICT which is May. How stupid to get my next ICT when i have not even completed my 1st one. Saying about that, I have to clear my IPPT before July. Oh man... must start training for IPPT le... if not got to go RT le... I don't want~

Tomorrow going to study again... will be at Bugis ba~ most probably~

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