Thursday, May 28, 2009

Hong Kong Day Three (Part 2)

24th April 2009

Where was I? Hmm... after Ocean Park, we headed back to Admiralty MTR and change to MTR down to Central MTR. Supposedly to take bus no 15 to the Peak Tram Station, but we just followed the Sign, "Peak Tram" and headed out for the exit and by the time we realize, we were already at the station itself. It is really walkable distance and i really suggest taking the short ride to Peak Tram Station itself. Unless you are with your family, if not, try walking there. It is just a short walk.

But by the time i was walking to Peak Tram, my already injured left leg was too pain to take it.


If you are holding on to the Octopus Card, just tap and go into the station. No need to buy any tickets at the ticket office itself. That is because we are not going to the Peak Tower and Wax Museum. We are on a budget trip, save it for next trip. =)

If you are traveling on Octopus Card, the trip up is HKD22 and there will be a rebate when you return at HKD11. So total will be HKD33, same as buying before hopping onto the tram.

It was quite crowded at the station itself, anyway just squeeze your way to the front, usually they will be stuck at the back and the front will be empty. Physco yourself to be a Chinese, cause they really push their way through. That is what i learn there. =)

So we are on the tram up to the Peak.

When you first reach the Peak, you will be welcome by the Peak Market, where they sell gifts to bring back for your friends and family. Skipped that section, "money not enough" to buy anything back for friends. *opps, sorry friends, next time ya!

Then we settle dinner at the CCT in the mall, the portion is however as big as you think it will be. And it was quite nice i will say. The only CCT at Basement, you can try it for dinner or lunch if you are there.

After dinner, of course we headed out to the Tower itself and take some photos. Interacted with some tourists there. Had Gelato Ice cream at the Peak in the so-cold weather. And the Gelato is expensive. Kanna con feeling, cause the person ask us, will cone do? Then we were like, ok. And didn't know the cone cost another HKD10plus?

And if you are thinking to take the Lugard Road for sightseeing, it is not advisable to do so in the night. You have to be there in the morning. It is not properly lighted up, so it will not be safe to do so. So, next time we will go in the day and visit the Wax Museum. =)

The Skyline of Hong Kong City but the fog is coming in. You need a better camera to capture nicer picture. So we hanged around the place before we head back.

The mist is getting thicker and we decided to head back down. This time round, our Octopus Card only left HKD8+, and you need HKD11 to get down by tram and HKD9.5 to get down by Bus. The Octopus Card is like our ez-link, you can have negative value. We decided to take the bus down as suggested by some. The "bus coaster" ride. It was really crazy. The single lane, sharp bend, almost 60degrees bend, the bus can just drive at quite a fast speed down the peak. With moments like two oncoming buses at the sharp bend, turning at high speed. It was crazy. If you are for thrill, you can try this. You will know what i mean.

If you think the rides at Ocean Park is ok, you should try this bus ride. Any mistake by the driver, you will be rolling down the Peak. =) And please take the upper deck seats, it will be fantasy. *hee

The bus will pass by Admiralty MTR, check with the bus driver first, and likely he will tell you where to alight when it is near. So we alighted at Admiralty MTR and headed back to Mongkok area.

Where we will be visiting the "Xi Yang Cai" Street for daily "Xu Liu Shan" drink. =) That will be like end of the day for us. Tiring. Shopping will be coming on Day Four. Duk Ling Ride. SoHo. Coming up... stays tune~

Thoughts for Day Three in Hong Kong:
Comparing Ocean Park and Disneyland, i will still prefer my visit to the Disneyland. Not just because i am a fan of Disney but the overall packaging is still nicer than Ocean Park. The quality of the gift? Ocean Park's stuffs do really look like they are China-made. But certainly, if you break down into rides, Ocean Park gives you thrill ride that is fun. Disneyland is more family orientated rides that are for all ages. It all depends on what is your level for rides.

The peak is nice, nice weather. For the next trip, i will sure visit Peak in the day time to take a walk along Lugard Rd. It is just different kind of scenery between day and night. And definitely romantic for couples, so if you are bringing your girlfriend/boyfriend there. It is a place to spend some time there.

And of course my injured leg, it hurts till i have to go to Watsons and get Salonpas patch to relief the pain on the knee area. And do get a pair of good shoes for traveling. Most of our time there, we are practically on the walk except time for meals. We travel mostly on foot. So a pair of good shoes come in handy for trip. Don't be like me.

Breakfast @ HKD20, Ocean Park @ HKD208, Dinner @ HKD50, Drink @ HKD15, Gifts @ HKD50, Hotdog bun @ HKD20, Ice Cream @ HKD50, Peak Tram @ HKD33(included in Octopus Card, so not really counted)

Total Damage for Day Three: HKD400plus

Total Media for the Day: 16 Videos and 457 Photos

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