Thursday, May 21, 2009

Things to note before you go to Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Trip
22 Apr 2009 - 27 Apr 2009 (6 days 5 nights)

First, you have to obviously book a ticket to Hong Kong. I had the promotion from Jetstar for SGD239 (inclusive of surcharges and taxes, excludes travel insurance which costs me another SGD17). Book your hotel, i stayed at Dorsett Kowloon Hotel. It is near to Olympic Station but it is walkable distance to Mongkok Station. It costs about SGD400+ for a room that can fits 2. So it will be less than SGD250 for a pax.

Second, go online and check out all the wonderful places. Read others' blog about Hong Kong and stuffs. Plan plan plan your itinerary before you go (like general outline of the day, where you want to go, what you must do and stuffs, check the address)

Last, pack your luggage before you head off to the airport. Be sure to bring some mask, flu medicine, anti-bacteria lotion or something like that. (because of the Swine Flu; the pig flu)

Total Damage before the trip: less than SGD500

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