Sunday, June 14, 2009

Hong Kong Day Five

26th April 2009 (Sunday)

Sorry for the real late blog entry about my Day Five in Hong Kong. =) Here i am doing this for you guys and of cause for myself. The plan was to go to Citygate Shopping Mall and then to Ngong Ping 360 for the cable car up to the Tai Po Monastery.

Woke up in the morning and went for breakfast near our hotel and manage to find this porridge place with quite a bit of people in it and we had our breakfast there. The porridge is really watery (hk style) and you have to eat with a plate of fried noodle. Soya Bean Drink is cold, they don't serve warm or cold. =( Price is about HKD15 each bowl of porridge.

After Breakfast, we headed to Olympic Station which takes us directly to Tung Chung Station without a need to change at any MTR Station. The weather was quite bad, misty, and we are suppose to meet our HK Crazy Friend there, but i guess she is busy sleeping or working. So we went shopping on our own. Bought some shirts of mummy and a bag for my brother, real bargain for a Nike Backpack. =)

And we decided not to travel up to Po Lin Monastery as it was drizzling. But just in case you are going. It is open from 10am - 6pm (last admission is at 5:30pm) And not far away is the Wisdom Path, an outdoor replica of the centuries-old Heart Sutra.

Then we had our lunch at Food Republic and i don't really like the food over there. =( I had the Macau style seafood baked rice. =/ I don't really like.

This is how the Ngong Ping 360 looks like from the bus station at Citygate Shopping Mall.

Then after Citygate, our friend is still busy so we headed to TST for our 2nd Uniqlo shopping. 2 days in a row. We really love how cheap is the shirts there. =) Nice design or rather different designs from the one we saw in Causeway Bay outlet. Grab a few more shirts and things for my brother and daddy. =)

Then finally our Hong Kong Crazy Friend is free to meet us. We met her near Uniqlo and she wanted to bring us for a good meal near TST. In the end, we ended up back in Mongkok area for dinner instead. The place she wanted to bring us is close i think. =/

But i will say back to Mongkok area, i didn't regret eating at the place she brought us to. =) It was damn nice and cheap.

The following few dishes is what we ate. Nice nice nice. And i can still remember how nice it tasted. We had a duck, lobster, mantis shrimp...etc...

This is our Hong Kong Crazy girl. Looks familiar? Don't you guys think that she looks like Elva? Wahahahaha... I think some of my friends reading this will faint in front of their screen. If you don't think so, please comment.

After dinner, suppose to catch a movie but then cannot get the showtimes we wanted so we went shopping around Ladies Street in search for bags for my dear friend, Amenda and her friends. But didn't manage to find. So gave up and settled down for dessert. We didn't really have much dessert during the trip there. =( Next time we will just relax and really eat. Cause we don't need to go to those attraction and theme parks.

Oh man, i love this durian puff thingy.

After dessert and crapping with that Hong Kong Crazy Girl, we headed back to hotel. And she went to her friend's place to get some stuffs cause she will be traveling back to Singapore with us. Her holiday trip to Singapore. =)

What will we be doing on our last day? Nothing much... wait till my last post and you will know. =)

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