Saturday, August 22, 2009


Waking up on a Saturday morning and got no idea what i am going to do is totally sian bah. Actually the plan was to meet up JCmates at Sentosa then dinner with others. But i don't think the plan is going to work up when i wake up today. Feeling all the emotions that haven been coming due to work. Casting them aside for the past few days and finally, it is coming to haunt me this morning.

Was browsing thru FB and Blogs... where can i find the motivation to blog about my life again? I am too used to keeping all the thoughts in me. Bad bad bad bad... cuz i wonder "What's the point of saying so much" There is nothing much to explain. For a reason that what people see is only action. How you really feel? When it is not converted into action, it is nothing. So no matter how much you want to explain your stand, you will never win what others see. So sometimes, it is better to do it.

For instance, at the point of time, you are thinking of doing something but you didnt do it. Someone approach you and ask, "Why didnt do that?" You replied, "I actually thought so." Someone, "So? The thing is not done in that way what." Many people will think that reply is just a cover up. As long as the thing is not in action, seldom people will believe you.

Feeling, emotions... do we need to show all? Perhaps... in front of certain people.

Family : Seems to be a strong big brother who will sail through the big storm out in the big sea. Having to set a good example at home for his 3 little brothers. So that his parents can use him as an example to teach the young one.

Work : Be responsible in what you do. Do the right thing. Cast off all the political issues in office cuz you are just a temp staff. Soon, you will be out of the company real soon.

Friends : Seems to know everything under the sun, an info-kid that wants to know more and proves friend wrong. Big brother as well, to take care of them.

Relationship : Total failure. Being an impulsive guy. Trying to learn to be good. I finally know why the last one didn't work out a few days back. When you are really busy and tired with school works and CCA, spent no time for your partner. Partner complains. Being tired, don't want to think or explain much and just walked away. And maybe because of another reason.

Hungry ghost month, the time to reunite with your loved ones. I missed my grandma and grandpa. World is never fair... Love never dies, for the love i have for my grandma and grandpa. They stay deep in my heart. I wonder, it is me? I will think of my grandparents when i see old lady and man. Wearing similar attire and hairdo, in my heart i called out "ah-ma" or "ah-gong" but i know they are no longer around.

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