Thursday, January 28, 2010

Circle Line Stage 1 & 2

It's finally going to open on 17 April 2010. I have been waiting for this day to come so that i no longer need to take the freaky bus that don't come on time, with lots of people especially in the morning and move on irregular speed. With the help of Macpherson station which is near my place, i can more accurately plan my journey out. =D

Was reading something about Circle Line and the Nicoll highway incident came into the picture and now only i realize that it was actually delayed due to that accident. No wonder, i keep wondering why so long le still not up yet and i always thought i will be up in 2008 and not 2010. If only it was opened in 2008, my grandma will still see it opened.

I remembered when they announce the new line to be constructed back in 2006. I was telling my grandma that the government is building a new line near our place. And she told me this, "Don't even will she live that long to see it opens" and what she said came true. *missing her always... until today i still can't forget how she used to take care of me, how her hand feels like, how she likes to place her hand on my lap to sayang me, how she pats me to sleep when i was young, how she walks me to the bus stop when i go back to BMTC (Tekong)...*sorry i digress

So well, till it opens in 3 months time, i will still need to squeeze with people, wait for bus to come and etc... the wait is worthwhile. Cheers!~

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