Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Happy National Day Singapore!

Remember the days when we go for music lesson learning how to sing the National day songs. Going for national celebration with that little Singapore flag and looking forward for the half day break and holiday. The feeling now is so different. Came across a national day song, count on me singapore from a dear facebook. It indeed bought back some good memories of my school days esp primary school.

Thou we no longer catch those national day songs on tv anymore given that i spend less than 3 hours on the tv furthermore not on local free to air channels. No longer go to the music room and practise those songs. No longer go for school celebration. The heartfelt feeling for being a Singaporean back then and now is so different. I am still proud to be a Singaporean nevertheless just not that much compared to before.

I know no matter how many times i say this all, I do miss you and you should know who you are. Smiles~ HHKK.

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