Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sunday update

Finally i am back for my update after so long...

My time finally slowed down these two days...what's up with me lately? Let me recall recall how i spend my last 2 months... Having RT at Bedok FCC on tuesday, thursday and sunday. Working at Standard Chartered Bank on monday, tuesday, wednesday and friday. Going back to school on thursday and saturday.

So yea, basically my life had been going to work... going to RT after work and going to school in between them. How sad my life. That is why i have no time to blog. The rest of time was spent catching up with friends, catching movies like Paranormal activities, 2012 and lots more. Movie is just part of my life.

Finally i am sitting down on the comfy of a new red chair i got from Ikea on friday. Finally my butt and back can rest properly on a cushioned seat. =) If not, they are shouting "Pain" every night and forces me to go to bed to lie down.

Went to Sitex before Ikea, bought my first external HDD, WD My passport. Sounds ku-ku to own my first external HDD ah. I always thought that i would not need one, but i think this new addition of hardware is going to stay with me for long. I just doubt i will get another new one soon.

My upcoming schedule will be packed with events and stuffs as well. But i think i will have time for my Ms.Bloggie here. This will be my last week in SCB. Gonna miss the people there but i guess it is time to move on. They are moving on as well. Come 6th Dec, i will be going for my 10km Standchard run then follows by Ayer Rajah Camp to reunion with my No 4, M16, rigging and ippt. Going for a week of ICT from 7th to 11th December.

Then then then... i will be back and go for my new job training, as some of you got to know first. Lets keep it a secret before everything is confirmed. Hee* Then comes Mall Xmas party at Somerset Orchard, booked a 2 bedroom executive and holding our 2nd party there. Look out for photos here and facebook.

Then soon the new year will come then... i will be working hard for my exam coming in May 2010. I know it says abit of mugger style but if you are taking UOL exams, you will know how much you need to put in, in order to feel good about getting a decent result. I don't know to regret in any part of my life for not putting in effort now. Just another 2 more years and i will be done with it. =)

I think this is rather a long post and i guess... some people going to read till half way and bored out and leave my blog. So i going to end here.... till then.... take care my friends.

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