Monday, December 14, 2009

Time for a update

Am back for a quick update of my life....

7-11 Dec

ICT at Ayer Rajah Camp. Met up with some juniors together for the ICT. Beforehand, we already know that there will be combat shoot and IPPT to clear for this ICT. Still remember i just finish my RT at Bedok Camp recently. I am really afraid that i might not make it for the running again. How sucky eh? Everyone thought it will be rather slack... and guess what? It is really slack la... we went home early for most of the day except of Wednesday when we have our combat shoot. Nevertheless, we booked out at 9pm... still early eh?

And you know, i passed my IPPT for this year window. Happy ah... no need to go for RT at least for this year. Kai Xin~

11 Dec

Company Dinner and Dance at Suntec. It was suppose to be a nice dinner with colleagues since it was the last one and earlier on in the morning, i passed my IPPT. But then... went to St James at night and tadaaaa... i lost my phone at the club. How can my phone freaky lose when it is in my front pocket??? Someone must have pull the lanyard while i was noticing. So nice of the person. Hopefully he/she gets his/her day soon.

12 Dec/13 Dec

Stayed at home... no mood to do anything...

14 Dec (today)

Went for training for my upcoming job. Will update here when everything is settle... =)

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