Sunday, December 20, 2009

Incredible Mall Christmas Party at Somerset Orchard Service Apartment

It is a season of loving and giving again. With much anticipated christmas party at a 2-bedroom executive apt, here comes the day we all are waiting for. =) See the smiles on all our faces, you will know how much they enjoyed the night drinking, making people drunk and laughing at the mutated lobsters in the house. Thou' there was an issue with the number of guests in the house, we still managed to smoke all the way till checking out.

Just a brief description of what happened is that i checked in, and the reception will asking whether we are having a party, as there is change of rule that we cannot hold a party in the apt cuz of some issue earlier on with other guests. Till Ben settled it with the reception later on when he came over... but in the end we still managed our way la... *dun care this

We ordered Lee Wee Brothers food and found out that the beehoon is too much to handle and the finger food as well. We prepare some other food like egg mayo sandwiches which most of them love it and fried some simple finger food like all-time-favourite Seaweed Chicken.

Doesn't sound too interesting hor the party? We had some game going on la... which i think is quite well done on the game master side =) Cheers....

Gift exchange needless to say...

Then lots of fun and laughter throughout the night with security calling up to chase people away... how irritating can they be?

More updates/photos coming up...

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