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Bangkok Trip 2010 plus Day 1

Dear readers, i will most probably take a few days to blog about my Bangkok Trip (26 Feb - 03 Mar 2010) I realize the editing of photos is going to kill me in no time. Unless you guys just want to see photos, you can refer to my facebook for them. =) So that i wouldn't spend so much time on editing them for pleasure viewing here in blog.

Well this trip was booked last year when the promotion for Jetstar to fly is like 40plus dollars? So the 4 of us decided to embark on this and book the flight to Bangkok. Our departure flight was 26 Feb 2010 at 11:30am. The airfare for the return trip was about SGD120 per pax including all airport taxes and surcharge excluding travel insurance.

Anyway 1 week before the holiday was Chinese New Year and we were all busy preparing for CNY and i totally forget about the far awaiting Bangkok trip. Before the trip, i was doing all the planning stuffs and i totally sian about embarking on the trip as well. But lucky everything turns out quite well in Bangkok with a bit of hiccups along the way.

Things to do before going to Bangkok:
1. (for NSman) Please register yourself at for overseas notification
2. Register yourself with Singapore embassy for Thailand
3. Read news about Bangkok current situation
4. Do not wear Red/Yellow~!
5. Buy your travel insurance

Warning! What you guys going to read here will be a log of what happened in Bangkok and serve as a rough guide/tips for those who are going Bangkok in the future. It might get a bit dry ya. So read at your own risk. =)

We reached Bangkok around 12:50pm (BKK time) then pass through the immigration, went to buy a DTAC Prepaid SIM card at 7-11 so that we can contact each others if we got lost or when we need to do our own shopping.

Spend 199B on the Prepaid SIM card. Then hopped onto the cab at the taxi queue line, we will need to pay a surcharge of 50B plus toll charge at 25B and the meter fare which turns out to be around 375B when we reached our hotel, Best Western Mayfair Suites Hotel located at

36 Soi Phethburi 13, Phetburi Road, Bangkok 10400

We spent about SGD53 per night for two including daily Breakfast.

You can try googling for this hotel.

My review on the hotel: We were greeted by the staffs and checking in was quite smooth. We got our rooms on the same floor (non smoking as requested). Upon entering the room, the first thing i did was to do a "bunk inspection" What I got to say is for the price i pay, the room is more than what you can expect. Clean and nice. They give you two complimentary mineral water daily to consume as well. Good service. The staffs are friendly, willingly to help and always smiling.

Just that walking in and out to the main road can be a bit troublesome and scary to do at night. Nothing to worry, they provide you with free Tuk Tuk to bring you out and in the hotel. The taxi driver cannot locate this hotel so we call the hotel with our new TH number, pass the phone to the driver so that the hotel staff can direct the driver to the hotel. And we got there in no time. =) For the price, it is definitely worth a five star rating from me.

After leaving our luggage in the hotel, we took the tuktuk out to the main road and start walking along the street. Opposite was Pantip Plaza where all the IT product is, Platinum Fashion Mall beside and further down you will see Central World then follow by Siam then MBK. Walkable distance for all of us. You wouldn't want to see yourselves stuck in the jam for an hour just to get to Siam when you can just walk for 15mins and shop around on the way.

We heading to Erawan Shrine to pray and don't be cheated by buying the stuffs outside, go into the shrine and get all those offering stuffs will be much cheaper. =)

After praying, we went to look for food around the shopping area. There is just too many choice around. And there is like a small market on the top floor of Central World for student every weekend for students to sell their handmade products. Do drop by, maybe you can find something nice there.

We settled down at Yum Saap and spent 471B for 4 pax. That's about SGD5 for each. Walked down to Siam Paragon and had this thailand food fair, bought our first Mango Sticky Rice for 100B which was quite huge portion. Further we went to MBK to shop, to me there is nothing much there to shop, quite disappointing but we saw the first Mister Donut and ate my first donut there while waiting for the girls to finish their shopping. =)

When we came out from MBK, the bridge was filled with hawkers trying to sell things there. The girls continue to shop and the boys just waited for them. After which, we walked back to hotel and asked the Tuktuk to bring us into the hotel from the main road.

I think that is all for Day 1 i want to share with you guys. Continue with Day 2 - CTC Weekend Market for more shopping

This is my photo album for my Bangkok Trip, feel free to view.

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