Saturday, March 6, 2010

Bangkok Day 2

The plan for Day 2 was to wake up early in the morning, go to Chatuchak Weekend Market. After which, a rewarding massage session at Healthland Spa. Dinner then continue some shopping around hotel area.

The 4 of us plan to meet for breakfast at 9am. Then head out to the nearest BTS station from our hotel which is Ratchathewi, it is about 10minutes walk out from Soi 11 after the tuktuk drop us at the main road. On the way, we dropped by the Drug store to get something.

See below? Find the card familiar? It is like the era before ez-link. We paid 20B each to get the ticket to entry.

How do you go to Chatuchak Weekend market?

Take the skytrain (BTS) to Mo Chit Station and exit down the right-hand stairs, follow the crowd for a five-minute walk, and you're there. Another option will be to take a subway (MRT) to Chatuchak Park station and follow the signage for direction.

Once you are there, go to the tourist office aka the police station to get the map of the market. It is going to be big. The police there will be nice enough to pass you the map. =) Orientate yourself with the maps first before heading into the market.

Tips: The whether in Bangkok is unbearable, please wear light and bring water along. If not you can always get drink there at around 20B per cup.

Getting into the market, you will see until you siao~! First thing you got to do it to ask, "how much" then "wholesale how much" they will tell you the price and how many piece you need to get for wholesale. It will be much cheaper than just buying one piece. The more you buy from the same store, the more discount you will get. Pool what you want to buy together. You can save more.

My suggestion is that... you cannot complete the whole market in a day. Unless you planned two days at CTC market, if not, you have to plan your shopping strategy well with your friends. Remember to eat your lunch there too. Don't be like our dear friend who starve her way till the massage session. =)

We left CTC market with much regret for not staying there longer and buying more things there because for the next few days there is nothing much for boys in Platinum Fashion Mall or Pratumum Market. As we have to attend our reservation at Health Land at Sathorn. We travel by BTS again to Chong Nongsi Station. Exit at Exit 1 and walk along the road and turn right and continue walking until you see the signboard below.

The massage will cost you about 450B for 2hours and there is no special service or what so ever. Tips at your own discretionary.

After massage, we travel by BTS back to Siam Station, thinking that we can have our dinner and then go for the night market. So we decide to settle with Mac at Central World. I had my Pork burger and my friends got the fried chicken set. It is about 100B plus per set with Fanta Strawberry drink. After eating, we walked along the way towards hotel, thinking to get to the market but who knows it was already close. So we decided to head back to hotel. On the way back, we had Root Beer Float from A&W at Pantip Plaza. =)

Below is the goodies me and my friend got at CTC Market.

Well well well... we just spent our time at CTC and massage the whole day. Nothing much done. End of Day 2. And now we are moving to Day 3 of my Bangkok Trip which is temple visiting and more shopping at this time, Platinum Fashion Mall. And we always end off the day with a meeting to finalize what we will be doing for the next following day. =)

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