Sunday, May 23, 2010

Hangout with ex-colleagues

It's time of the year to meet up with my wonderful colleagues from Standard Chartered Bank i met during my last holiday temping at CAPT (Tampines Office) It was supposed to be Caf's farewell party at The Hangout but i guess everyone is busy playing games? And didn't really catch up with them but i think the effort of people making their way down after work and even during their exam is really nice. =)

After which, we went to Timbre at Old School for a drink and chill out there. And most of the topic was on Primary School and Secondary School life. And i know when you start to reminisce the times you had, it really means you are getting old in life. And I just don't want to admit that I am old, not at the age of 24 for now. Wait till when i am 45...

Interesting topic which you guys will know like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, Sailormoon, Power Rangers, Zero Point, Five Stones, Detention, Pokemon, Digimon, Tamagochi, Weekly milk orders, Hao Gong Ming, Young Generations...and many more... If you know 90% of these, i think you are getting older. *laughs out loud... those was the days we have no stress and just play and play...

Starts to miss your younger days in school? I will start to miss the carefree life of school in one year from now when i enter the working society.

Below will be a few photos we took at The Hangout and Timbre... Enjoys

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