Monday, May 31, 2010



昨天我和Joanne去NAFA的畢業展會。回想如果我往那一方面發展,今天的我會不會是另一個不一樣的人? 可是我也沒有要後悔我選擇了我現在的路。

今天約了inc。mall的朋友一起去看電影,SHREK 4ever。還不錯看。

Give up writing in Chinese. =)

I was saying that i went to Nafa graduate showcase yesterday with Joanne. Looking back, will i be different if i choose to go into Design School than choosing a Banking and Finance course in SIM? But I will not regret being in what i am today. Life has too much to regret. We just have to look forward and live life as if tomorrow is the last day.

Today, met up with inc.herdies for a movie, Shrek 4. It's not a bad show but many characters didn't show up and animation was a bit... =/ It's a short movie but had a few good laugh in the theatre. After the movie, we decided to sit at Mcdonalds and chit abit before heading to Xin Wang HK cafe and have our dinner. So we spent the next 3 hours sitting in the cafe and catch up with each others and talked about alot of stuffs. =)

Things like,
braces - teeth - holiday - taiwan - foreign talents - tourists - blackies - work - kids - fml - ftw - abnn - bwg - nyuuuu - hurrr hurrr hurrr - many many more...

This coming week, the Ant is heading to KL over the weekend to meet his friends. Will be back on Sunday night. Will update soon~ Till then, take care my friends...

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