Thursday, June 10, 2010

STC Cohesion

Morning Ah-Kong, reporting strength. Total strength 14, 12 present, 2 absent. 1 busy working and making baby. The other 1 busy dating.

It's time of the year again to meet up with my lovely bunch of campmates at Ian's place for a simple BBQ. Thou' there is an underestimation of food and end up ordering pizza for supper, we had a good time together as a whole. Catching up with our life and replaying the two years we have in STC, ARC and 3TPT. =)

It's funny to see how people change in shape and size. And our special guest, Alex finally made it to our gathering since ORD. Jonathan made it for the previous one after so long.

2006 is the year we went into STC and 2008 was the year we were out of STC. During this short 1yr7mths in 3TPT, the 14 of us minus some managed to build a bond that our seniors or even juniors can't make it. =) Thou' we may dislike one and another probably because of their actions, but we are still bonded as one. Sleeping in one bunk. Sharing everything together.

Still remembering the days when we first went into the lecture room of STC. Sleeping whole day in it... thinking of whether to stay in STC or to go Navy. Playing games with PC. MJ. KTV. BTBLP. All those memories will be kept in my mind till the day i am gone. I believe we will still be hanging out once a while throughout our life. And soon having family and kids... becoming uncles... and waiting for the first red bomb from STC. Let's guess... i will vote for BT for the 1st to give out... haha...

My next post will be on KL trip. =)

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