Tuesday, September 21, 2010

03: Third day in the hospital

Really trying very hard to clear my backlot from my surgery as soon as possible. Well well... waking up in the morning really put myself much better at night. I feel more comfortable and at the same time feeling real tired from the sleepless night. Still trying to adjust the bed to move my body around, lying for too long can be a problem as well...

Then my doctors came around and check on me, and informed the nurses that all the tube can be removed from me except for the drip and send me to the Dental Clinic for review. I felt much relief hearing that cause the nostril tube is causing sore throat. It is really not a pleasure for them to remove the tube when you are conscious, it is painful. But after which, i feel much much better. And the nurse told me that, i will be able to bathe after i come back from the review.

So i went for my review at Dental Clinic with the help of the nurses on wheelchair. My doctor remove the wires and make me move my jaw around to exercise them. Went for x-ray to see the placement of the jaw. Put me on elastic bands to tie the jaws together. Everything is alright. Just a bit pain and uncomfortable on the jaw line. And send me back to my ward.

I went to bathe with the help of the nurse. Thank god, i have a private bathroom and toilet in my section. I believe the non air-conditioned area shares a common ones. Totally not ashamed getting a nurse to bathe me while i just sit there. I guess when you are in my state, you don't really care much. I just need a shower quick. =)

Drinking water and medicine with the syringe isn't a joke. It is just simply too troublesome to do so. But what to do when i am in such a state. I need to replenish liquid in my body and i don't want the tube to be in my nostril. The dietician came to tell me more about my diet, so that i wouldn't be losing anymore weight at home. Resource milk shake and fruit juice.

Then they gave me some to drink through the syringe but i couldn't really finish the whole packet in one meal and split it in two instead. The day passed by quite normal with my aunt coming to visit me. Everything seems fine and i was told that i can discharge the following day.

I want to return home and not stay in the hospital.

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