Saturday, September 18, 2010

01: Remembering the past...

This will be the new section that i will opening up on the sidebar... Remembering the past... but well when you are old and yes i admit i am, you start to reminisce the past and smile at yourself for god knows what reason? So this entry will be on primary school...

School canteen (especially Primary School)

Was watching The Perfect Chef Asia on Channel News Asia just now and it reminds me of my Primary school days, being a kid, going to school. 50cents for pocket money. (where is my pocket money now?) I believe those who are born between 1980 to 1990 will feel the same with me.

The recess bell rang off in the class and everyone wants to head to the canteen. But some teachers wouldn't let you off. That's bad.

By the time you head to the canteen, you will see long Q at the noodle store which simply sells a bowl of fish ball noodle for 20cents or upsize to 30cents.

The drink store auntie who sells you a cup of drink at 10cents.

Buying Yakult and giving out small little toys.

Rushing to finish your food and head to the court to play with your friends.

Hanging out at tuckshop buying "rubber" so that you can play with your friends after school. I remembered that "Greece" always wins in the "rubber" game and everyone always wants to own that to fight it out with each others. *haha

Or save the money to go out to the convenient store's capsule machine or card machine to have the dragonball card. And you always hope that it is a gold sticker card. And there is always a tactic for you to get two/three cards with one turn. *you have to slowly turn the knob then you hear the card being released and trying to turn anti-clockwise by a bit, then clockwise by a bit and keep doing the two steps and you will have 2 cards coming out together...

Zero point for girls.


Five stones when we practise and practise at home to perfect our skills. So that we can level up to each stages and earning as many points as possible and be the winner. Perfecting the skill of throwing the stones, so that they are thrown in a style easy to grab hold of.

Catching spiders after school with your matchstick box and fight them.

Meeting to play basketball after school. So you go home and start doing your homework, so that you can meet your friends for basketball at 4pm or 5pm and head home for dinner after the game and catch Wheel of Fortune with your family.

Having your mum or grandparents waiting at the school gate after school. Then the ice cream uncle will sure be there waiting for you to cry and ask your parents to buy. But they will always say, it's time for dinner. After dinner then i buy for you.

The Kacang Puteh Uncle from your school canteen, pushing the trolley and selling outside school when recess time is over. The uncle will roll the paper into a cone and use a spoon and scoop the Kacang into the cone and sell to you.

Then, if you first day to school (primary one), you will be pair with a senior (primary six) so-called "peer leader" to guide you during recess time and bring you around.

Those was the days of lower primary...

till the existence of Power Rangers, Sailormoon, Digimon... things changed... we no longer play zero point. five stones. hopscotch. We group ourselves in class and be one of the role in each cartoon. I was in the Power Rangers team. The girls will then form their Sailormoon team and named themselves.

Then you will dream of the future with your BFFs and decide to travel to the world with one another. I know my dream didn't came true and will not come true. Haha...

Playing with digimon, you have the cheatcode to get super digimon. Keep resetting the digimon game set. Then with you link and fight, you have the cheatcode of pressing A B A B A B to win.

Oh ya and before that, you have the tamagochi when you learn to be responsible for your chick chick... feeding them, clear the shit, switch off the light, playing with them... "/

And one thing you wouldn't forget is ordering milk from school. Every tuesday (that's for me), before school ends maybe like half an hour before? The bell for the Milk will ring and the one in charge will go and collect the milk and distribute to everyone.

Do you still remember? The super dollar strap with the plastic piece for you to turn a normal coke pet bottle to be your school water bottle for the rest of your primary school life? Then you just hang it around your neck like an ass... but that's cool when i was young.

Many more things... share with me your childhood... it's nice to listen to others and be a kid once again and i will never want to wish thing like: "I want to grow up faster so i can have freedom." Now then, we know having parents who help you, side you, protect you is the best thing you ever dreamed of. But now as age catches up, we no longer can be that innocent kid in the past who did wrong things and let our parents come and clean our shit. That's life... part of it...

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