Wednesday, September 8, 2010

01: Day of my surgery

Having not much sleep, i woke up earlier than my alarm at 6am. Knowing that i wouldn't be able to bathe myself or even brush my teeth for the next 4 weeks. I went to the toilet and clean myself up before i head to NUH with my mum in a cab. We left home at 6:30am and reach NUH before 7am and went to the Day Surgery Ward. Got the registration done and paid $700 for the operation and the rest is paid by Medisave of my mum.

I was told to go into a room when the nurse took my weight. Made me change to the operation gown and ask me again and again whether i know what kind of surgery i am going through. Went through the Pre Admission Test again. Make sure that the signature is mine and stuffs. It was quite a wait before i was brought to the OT at the Main Building on Level 2. My mum was with me all along except for the surgery.

I walked in to the OT myself and was handed a shower cap like to wear over. Then a young gentlemen tried to inject a LA on my right hand and pierce the needle into my hand. And soon i was told to lie on the bed, someone wore a black shoe for me to keep my warm. I saw my surgeon walking in. A couple more people around... then...

The general anesthesia doctor told me it is time to sleep and ask the apprentice to put the mask over me and asked me to breathe in slow and deep. Then the doctor inject something in my right hand and soon within 10 seconds i am already out.

Surgery Time...

I don't know how long i took but soon i was conscious and saw two nurses sitting beside me. Then i knock out again. The next moment i was being pushed out from the holding area and i saw my mum waiting for me. It was around 1 or 2 in the afternoon i guess. The moment i saw my mum, i grabbed her hand and feel for her. I didn't feel any pain at all. Thanks buddha. I was being transfered to HD ward where there will be special care taken care of me.

They asked me whether i get off the bed and move to the bed in the ward but i just didn't have the energy to do so. So they help me to get over the bed and changed my clothes. Do i feel embarrassed? No i don't think so. At the point of time, you just wouldn't think so much. I was pretty fine for someone to service me.

So i had an air-conditioned room to myself. And having some equipment to monitor my condition for the day. There was tube in my left nostril so that they can give me my medication there. There is a urine catheter for me to pass urine without going to the toilet. And they can monitor the input and output. Two tube on my right hand, one for the drip.

I was greeted by a nurse in charge of my bed. In HD ward, each nurse will take care of two beds. She asked me whether was i in pain? Except for the headache i get on the right, there is nothing much around my jaw. I guess they gave me painkiller for my headache. I could feel that it might due to the pressure on my right jaw that is causing the pain on the head.

And i do feel like vomiting all the time due to the anesthesia or other medication. Blood keep flowing out from my mouth and i feel quite uncomfortable for all the tube to inside my body. And the pretty cool thing i had was the massage leg piece on my leg, they will create pressure and massage my leg to keep it active cause i will be bed ridden for a while.

Saliva keep forming in my mouth and mucus in my nose. It was damn uncomfortable and i can't breathe properly. So the nurse use a suction tube and clear my mouth and nose. The day went passed quite fast cause i fall asleep time to time with my mum around in the room. Coughing blood becomes common. And i was allowed to use the suction tube on my own to clear the saliva.

My doctor and surgeon came to visit and say everything is good. And i will be transfered to normal ward tomorrow. How i wish i could stay in the HD ward longer. Having a room to yourself without others disturbing is just too good.

The night went passed with me waking up to take temperature, blood pressure, coughing blood into the kidney dish, pressing the button to get napkin to clean my saliva, doing suction on my own unless there is mucus in my nose, i will call for the nurse to use the thinner kind. Pressing up and down my bed for a more comfortable position... and i keep sleeping...

Any pain?
Not really. I really don't feel anything except for the headache. But the worst had yet to come... Day 2 was the worst... and i will tell you why...

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